Toshiba outs new Satellite L750 laptop

Toshiba has been trotting out a few new laptops this month with some cool features. The L700 was one of the notebooks that were unveiled earlier this week along with several others. Toshiba also has a new L750 laptop series that slots into its Satellite line of consumer machines. The new notebook has a cool design and comes in more than one color. The CPU inside the machine is an AMD A6-series and graphics come by way of ATI Mobility Radeon GPUs.

The L750 has a 15.6-inch screen using Toshiba TruBrite HD technology and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The keyboard has a ten key number pad as well. Other features include the Toshiba Eco utility to increase the battery life of the machine and a PC Health monitor. Toshiba ReelTime is integrated to help you find your media faster. The notebook is finished in the Fusion Matrix Pattern with a little grid work of lines in several colors. I really like the red version, it looks really cool.

Toshiba will fit the notebook with a range of RAM and storage options and the notebook has a webcam and a WiFi modem. The machine has the Sleep and Charge ports to charge your USB gadgets up even when the laptop is turned off. Some versions will offer a multi-touch track pad and HDMI output as well. There are 24 models in the L750 series and pricing starts at $483.99.