Toshiba outs new MK2060GSC 200GB automotive-grade HDD

Hard drives are turning up in all sorts of devices today from camcorders to our cars and trucks. Toshiba has unveiled a new automotive-grade HDD called the MK2060GSC that it claims to be the highest capacity automotive HDD on the market.

The new drive spins at 4200 RPM and has a single platter for lower energy consumption. The drive is aimed at telematics and infotainment applications. Toshiba also claims that the new drive can provide a 78% improvement in internal transfer rates compared to other HDDs on the market for the same application.

The drive is robust and designed to withstand altitude variations of -300 to 12,000 meters when not operating and temperatures from -300 to +85-degrees. The drive uses the 1.5GB/s SATA interface and has high tolerance for shock and vibration. The drive can withstand 2G of vibration for 19.6ms and shocks of 100G when operating.