Toshiba Mobile Display offers up 21-inch autostereoscopic display needing no glasses

I am very glad to see technology coming to the market that allows 3D in the home without needing to wear glasses. I hope all the makers of 3D TVs that are looking to charge an extra $150 per pair or more for active glasses quickly sees their tech become obsolete next to displays that don't need glasses.Toshiba Mobile Display has developed a new screen that is helping the screens needing glasses fall by the wayside. The new screen is a 21-inch autostereoscopic HD screen that needs no glasses of any kind to view 3D content.

The screen uses an internal imaging system called a light field display to create a 3D image viewable from wide viewing angles without any glasses. The imaging system uses mulit-parallax design that uses motion parallax. The Toshiba tech allows the viewing of 3D without reducing the effective resolution of the 3D display by using low-temperature poly-silicon technology.