Toshiba Gigabeat 802 looks very MCE-ish

James Allan Brady - Feb 7, 2008

The Toshiba Gigabeat 802 isn’t really much different than the 401, save for the fact that much like the model number, the capacity is doubled too. The 401 got WiFi added months ago, so that carried over and there is the new 8GB capacity.

If you live in Japan, there is apparently the added bonus of the USEN video service offering free videos, they currently have 90 videos, and that will expand to 600 in June. Obviously since this is a very Windows themed PMP you’ll have no problem playing all the DRM-ed or not media formats that are proprietary to Microsoft, and then there is WAV and MP3 as well.

It will last for about 16 hours of MP3 playback or about 5 hours of video. If you want one they are Japan only right now for $280 starting February 15th.

[pmptoday via gizmodo]

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