Toshiba Gaming Keyboard - Not for typing

Vincent did his best to cover as many new gadgets while he was at IFA in Berlin, but with so many cool things there, he was bound to miss a few. One that caught my eye was this gaming keyboard from Toshiba.

I play plenty of games, but I've never actually bought a gaming keyboard. I'm pretty content with my Saitek Eclipse, mostly because I like the feel of it, and it has backlit keys. However, I've got a gaming mouse that I switch between, so why not get a keyboard just for gaming too?

You obviously wouldn't be able to type much on this one, as it doesn't actually have all of the necessary keys. While typing might not work out so well, it puts 55 of the most important keys right at your fingertips. You should be able to reach most, if not all of them without having to move your hand at all. Unfortunately, we don't have any information on pricing or availability yet.

TOSHIBA to introduce its ergonomic keyboard optimized for game [via aving]