Toshiba FlashAir III wireless SD card: file transfers sans hassle

In our increasingly connected world, having to pause and connect a USB cable or swap in an SD card to transfer files is a cumbersome, nearly archaic process. Wireless SD cards largely solve that problem, making it possible to shuttle, for example, pictures from a digital camera to a laptop quickly. Such is the usefulness of Toshiba's new third-generation FlashAir III, a standard SD card with a twist: the inclusion of its own WiFi for simple transfers among devices even if there's no wireless network available.

This latest generation version of Toshiba's wireless SD card includes "enhancement" management features for sharing and maintaining one's content, being accessible through a PC's Web browser. Says the maker, the integrated WiFi lets users transfer content sans an outside Internet connection, and supports up to seven simultaneous devices.

In addition to the ability to manage the content through a Web browser, those who prefer a more on-the-go convenience can use Toshiba's FlashAir app to share content with mobile devices; both iOS and Android apps are available.

Toshiba will be launching its FlashAir III Wireless SD card this coming March, when it will be available for purchase both online and through retailers in 16GB ($79.99 USD) and 32GB ($99.99) capacities. Be sure to check out our Toshiba portal for more!