Toshiba Exceria Pro SD card touted as "world's fastest"

Toshiba is coming out with an ultra-fast series of SD cards that they're calling Exceria Pro, and the company is claiming that the new SD cards are the fastest around, with speeds hitting as fast 240 MB/s. These cards are aimed at professionals, such as photographers who need photos saved quickly.

The card will come in 16GB and 32GB variants and will offer crazy-fast write speeds that are about as fast a typical solid state drive, thanks to the UHS-II standard that the new cards are using. They don't have any other fancy features, though, like WiFi transferring, but many photographers and videographers should get a kick out of just the speeds alone.

Besides the Exceria Pro cards, there will also be some regular Exceria SDXC cards that will have capacities of 32GB or 64GB. These will also operate under the UHS-II standard, but they'll have a maximum write speed of 120 MB/s, which is still pretty darn quick if you ask us, so we wouldn't count those out just yet.

Toshiba hopes to have these bad boys out by October, with the regular Exceria SD cards releasing in November. Prices have yet to be announced, but it's said that the 64GB Exceria SDXC card will cost around $250. That's certainly not cheap change, and we don't expect point-and-shoot operators to carry these cards around on their person, but if you're in the media business and need a fast memory card, these will probably do.

VIA: PC World