Toshiba building world's lightest 13-inch laptop with super-fast battery charging according to rumor

When it comes to a real netbook that is portable enough for road warriors on the go constantly the 13-inch segment is often where the best machines are. Toshiba is rumored to be working on a new machine for the 13-inch segment said to be the world's lightest 13-inch machine and if it looks like the leaked photos here, it is dead sexy.

According to the rumors, the machine will weigh less than 1Kg when fitted with a 512GB SSD. It will have a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, USB 3.0 dock, and a Core i5, i3, or i7 CPU. One of the most interesting features according to the rumor is that the little rig is said to be coming with a super-fast charging SCiB battery.

The claim for the battery is that it can charge to 90% of its full capacity on only 10 minutes. This type of battery showed up first in 2008, but has yet to hit the market in a big way. The machine is expected to go official soon and pricing should be offered then. It won't be a cheap machine.