Toshiba announces 2013 range of new home theater products

Craig Lloyd - Mar 20, 2013, 8:57am CDT
Toshiba announces 2013 range of new home theater products

Toshiba announced today its 2013 lineup of home theater and entertainment products, including new televisions, Blu-ray players, and a new service called Cloud TV. The lineup is headlined by the company’s new 9-series Ultra HD televisions and a new service called Cloud TV, which offers on-demand content like Netflix, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Toshiba says that the new line of products features a “new design identity,” which includes rounded corners, brushed metal, gloss finishes, and a minimalist aesthetic that makes the new products simple and easy to use. Toshiba says that the new design for its 2013 products will go right along with any modern and contemporary look in a home.

The new 9-series Ultra HD range comes in flavors of 84-inch, 65-inch, and 58-inch screen sizes. Also in the new lineup are 4-series, 6-series, and 7-series lines of new televisions. The 4- and 6-series are the companies new entry models for 2013, which are basic smart TV models that come in either 32-inch or 50-inch screen sizes.

The 7-series is a new line of 3D-enabled smart TVs that come in 40-inch, 50-inch, and 58-inch flavors. As for the new Cloud TV platform, there’s not a lot of information about it at this point, but it’ll essentially be a service that includes a handful of apps, as well as the ability to share content between multiple devices in the home.

Toshiba BDX3400KB (5)

Toshiba also announced three new Blu-ray players, all of which look more or less the same design-wise, but are slightly different from one another. They feature built-in WiFi, 3D playback support, smart TV functionality, including access to YouTube, Netflix, etc., and the design of the new players compliments the new range of televisions nicely as well. No details on pricing or availability, but we should be seeing these new products on the market very soon.

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