Toshiba AC100 Tegra 2 benchmarks tip the performance we've been waiting for

With the Toshiba AC100 out in the wild, it's now possible to see just how well NVIDIA's second-gen Tegra chipset performs in comparison to other Android hardware.  According to Carrypad's testing, the answer is "pretty darn impressive"; they've run Quadrant on the AC100 (an Android app that measures various aspects of processor, memory, I/O and 2D/3D graphics and combines them into a single score) and the netbook managed 1,911.  In contrast, a Google Nexus One running Android 2.2 scored 1,390.

It's worth noting that the AC100 is currently running Android 2.1, so it's possible that – when Toshiba release a firmware update to 2.2 – another speed boost could be delivered.  Carrypad also say they're getting SunSpider JavaScript benchmark results of 9,300, while 13Mbps 1080p H.264 files play with no problems and game Raging Thunder 2 has no qualms at the full 1024 x 600 resolution the Toshiba can manage.