Toshiba 256GB SSD is 3mm thick

Daniel Lim - Sep 26, 2008

Shorty announced the World’s largest 1.8-inch 250GB drive, Toshiba has unveiled its latest entry in SSD market with more affordable MLC-based storage at the same capacity. The 250GB high density SSD has an ultra thin profile of 3mm and promises to deliver 120/70MBps read/write speed via its 2.5-inch SATA-II interface.

Toshiba also launched a trio of high performance compact flash modules-8GB, 16GB and 32GB aimed for UMPC, netbook and handheld segment. Like Samsung, the compact memory utilizes the same SATA II interface to reach up to maximum read and write speeds of 80MB and 50MB per second.

Both MLC-based NAND storages are planned to appear at CEATEC in Japan. Manufacturer samples are available now with mass production slated for late October 2008

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