Toshiba 128GB SSD drives could be first step in lowering SSD prices

James Allan Brady - Mar 24, 2008

Toshiba has a new SSD drive that offers up 100MB/second read and 40MB/second write speeds and 128GB of storage capacity. The drive offers up nearly the speed of SLC, but with the storage capacity and technology of MLC.

They plan on selling this drive for less than their competitor, Samsung’s, 128GB SSD drive. Those read and write speeds make it faster than any 2.5-inch HDD drive.

It uses the SATA interface and is currently only available in its raw board format to go in the DynaBook SS RX1 or Portégé R500. They will start sampling them in April and should hit production and thus shelves in the next few months in either 1.9 or 2.5 inch casings, meaning we could see them in an upcoming iPod if they really are reasonably priced.

[via Electronista]

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