Torchlight II, Metro: Light Light Redux are temporarily free

It's that time of the year for making resolutions, writing retrospectives, and grabbing free stuff. Of course, the holiday shopping season has yet to end and game stores are still pushing out free titles for people to grab, regardless of whether they'll be able to play those immediately or not. While Steam's holiday sale is still ongoing, Epic Games is wrapping up its own daily free offers while GOG, formerly Good Old Games, is making one title free for a very limited time only.

Epic Games has been revealing a new free title each day for almost two weeks now. The earlier leak seems to have been spot on and now Torchlight II has been added to that list. Best to grab the Diablo-esque four-player co-op action RPG before the sale ends, though the game's arrival on the Epic Games Store means it will at least now be available for sale after that free period.

Just like any other game store and distribution platform, GOG also has its own seasonal freebies to give away. Unfortunately, GOG makes you work a bit more for your free deal, as you'll have to actually scroll down to the Giveaway section of its home page before you can actually claim Metro: Last Light Redux.

Yes, it is the remastered version of that once popular post-apocalyptic survival horror game that you receive for that little bit of effort. And because it's GOG, the copy you will be getting will be DRM-free. Unlike the free Torchlight II offer, however, you have a little over a day left to grab the game for keeps.

Of course, free giveaways are meant more as an appetizer for each store's own collection of games, many of which may also be discounted right now for a limited time. It might also be a chance for some collectors to complete their lists without spending much, even if they won't exactly be playing them any time soon.