Top you monitor off with these cuties

Decided that customizing you desk with a fancy mouse and keyboard isn't quite enough? To add a little extra to your monitor you can purchase monitor toppers from KlearGear.

I know not everyone has a thing for customizing their tech toys, but some of us do like to play. The three featured here are almost too cuddly for my tastes, although the dragon is kind of cute. If you are like me and like your stuff to have a bit more edgy look, there are a few slightly darker monitor toppers once you enter the site.

My personal favorite is the set of the skeletons doing the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"; I think they're cute. Then again my idea of cute is slightly disturbing at times. These little toppers are priced anywhere from around $7-$25.

Curious Dragon and Elephant Monitor Toppers [via chipchick]