Tony the lovable Robotic Suitcase

Meet Tony, if I had just seen the picture and no description I would have likely guess that it was a child's rendering of an alien train. This is in fact a suitcase that faithfully follows you around, much like a devoted pup. This is also why they gave it the human-like name of Tony.

Simply place the card in your back pocket and it will tail you for up to 2 hours. It has light sensitive detectors, ultrasound and infrared sensors to help it dodge any obstacles it might come across. These sensors also help it on any inclined surfaces and to stop itself before falling off the edge of any staircases, curbs or balconies. One thing they don't mention is any sensor to let you know when someone has effortlessly picked up and walked off with your hi-tech suitcase.

If it just had a cord that attached to your wrist or some kind of beep alert I wouldn't be too concerned. However, as is, I wouldn't take the thing in my hometown where the last big crime I'm aware of is a genius stealing blank cd's out of my car (my digital camera was in the glove compartment untouched afterwards). I couldn't imagine bringing it into a busy airport or any other highly trafficked area. The bag is in the later stages of concept design. Now they are just waiting to see how much interest it generates. They are hoping to have it out around 2009. The developers are going to be selling it for right around $1960.

Luggage Robot Follows You With Your Stuff [via geekologie]