Tony Hawk Sidekick LX up for grabs - but act quick!

If touchscreen keyboards aren't your thing, and you're looking for some hard QWERTY action, T-Mobile would like to remind you that the Sidekick has been offering messaging cleverness since back before the iPhone was a fanboi rumor.  And to celebrate the launch of the Tony Hawk Sidekick LX LE, they're giving one of the handsets away over at their new wiki.

Rather than slapping a few Tony Hawk logos on the handset and throwing it out the door, the Sidekick team actually enabled video recording, view and share, which regular LX users are still waiting for, and made some skateboard-style case modifications.  It also has A2DP stereo Bluetooth support, since nobody likes to get their earphone cables caught up in their wheels (no, I don't know much about skateboarding).

To win, you simply have to register for the wiki, post a skate-themed photo and leave a comment on the thread at the above link.  You'll have to act fast, though: entries have to be in by July 21st, and they will be announcing the winner at the beginning of August.  Winner gets a Sidekick worth $449.99 retail.

If you're waiting for the LX software update, T-Mobile say it'll be coming this Summer.