Tony Hawk rides hoverboard, stays airborne

"Forget everything you know" says Tony Hawk. The skateboarding legend is talking about the Hendo, a hoverboard that actually does what it says it will (and what we want it to). Taking to a copper-lined mini half-pipe, Hawk at least shows what's possible with a hoverboard in the right environment. In the video below, we find Hawk floating freely, spinning like a figure skater, and never getting off the board unless he wants to. It almost seems to be second nature.

Hendo operates using a magnetic field hovering on a conductive surface — in this case, copper. By creating opposing magnetic fields, the Hendo board hovers without the aide of powerful air jets or the like.

Recently funded via Kickstarter, Hendo is going to be a real thing, even if it does require special parks. One of those parks is in Los Gatos, California, where the video was shot. Though Hawk makes it look easy, the ride-and-glide definitely isn't a skateboard as we know it.

Hawk may want you to "forget everything you know", but you might not be able to. Ever since Marty McFly spoiled us to hoverboards, that's what we've been looking for.

Seeing Tony Hawk so close to the ground on a skateboard is also strange. Where's my Hendo-McTwist?!

Tony helped kill street skating with his vert style, so maybe the Hendo is just bringing him full-circle. Either way, it's still cool, and if you're interested — you can still snap a Hendo up via Kickstarter.