TomTom Start 42, 52, and 62 offer map updates for life

TomTom has announced a trio of new navigation devices that all fit into the new TomTom Start series. The only real difference between the three devices, called the Start 42, 52, and 62, are the sizes of the touchscreen used. The machines have 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch touchscreens respectively. All three of the PND devices have average speed limit notifications.

An average speed check camera provides those notifications. Giving drivers the average speed limit may help you to keep out of the eye of the police for speeding if you haven't seen a speed limit sign in a while and aren't sure what the limit is. One of the big features for all three Start series PNDs is that map updates are offered for the entire lifetime of the product.

TomTom also promises the most accurate maps on the market. Advanced Lane Guidance makes it easier to know which lane you need to be in at difficult highway junctions so you don't miss turns. Speed cameras are listed in the map database and you get alerts when you are approaching one of the cameras. That feature is offered for three months at no cost and updates are given in those three months when you connect the device to your computer.

The free map updates are offered seasonally and bring with them data on road changes and revised speed limits. The devices have internal batteries good for up to an hour of use without being plugged in and have 8GB of internal RAM. MicroSD card slots are also included for more internal storage. The Start 42 and 52 devices are available right now with the Start 62 launching in July. Pricing starts at £109.99 and presumably the devices will come to the US eventually as well.