TomTom offers GPS fans Looney Tunes voices

A couple GPS makers are trying to make navigation devices more fun by offering voice packs that use cooler voices than the robotic sounding ones that come stock on navigation devices. TomTom is one of these companies and it already has a full line of Star Wars voices that users can choose. My favorite is the Yoda voice.

If Star Wars isn't your thing, you might like the new line of voices that TomTom has announced. You will soon be able to choose from a full line of Looney Tunes voices for your device. Right now, you can get Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam voices.

Starting in October you will also be able to get Daffy Duck and Sylvester. In November, Pepe le Pew and Pepe le Pew ladies version for your compatible device will also be offered. The Yosemite Sam voice doesn't sound much like the real deal from when I was a kid, but the voices are cool nonetheless. Each voice pack costs £7.95.