TomTom offers free iPhone 4 adapter for car kit

Back in October of 2009 TomTom launched the car kit for the iPhone to go along with its GPS app. The car kit allowed the user to mount the iPhone to the windshield like a normal GPS unit, offered a better GPS signal, and keeps the iPhone powered up while GPS was being used.

The downside for the people who paid the $120 for the car kit early and have now upgraded to the iPhone 4 was that the new iPhone would not fit the car kit without an adapter. TomTom has announced that anyone who purchased the car kit before can now get a free iPhone 4 adapter to make the new Apple device fit.

The adapter will be given free of charge and users can order one up starting tomorrow. All car kits sold as of September 1 will include the iPhone 4 adapter in the package. The adapter appears to be a block of plastic that sticks to the back of the iPhone holder to support the iPhone 4 during use.