TomTom now offers custom printing on GPS units

Shane McGlaun - Oct 13, 2010
TomTom now offers custom printing on GPS units

TomTom has been offering some cool ways to customize your GPS device on the inside for a while with special voice packs like Looney Tunes and Star Wars. TomTom is moving the personalization capability of its GPS devices from merely offering voices and digital content to actually letting the user choose what the outside of their navigation device looks like.

TomTom has announced a new and free personalization program that offers custom printing on GPS devices. The service is called My Custom TomTom GPS and is available right now for users. The service lets the user choose from images that are already on the site and the user can even upload their favorite personal images to be printed onto the GPS device.

That means that the GPS unit can have an image of your dog or family. The custom printing service can also be paired with the content-sharing platform TomTom already has to send custom start pages, voices, and POI sets to the device. It would be funny if you could have a photo of your family with your kids providing the voices for directions. The service is compatible with select GPS models and they are printed by CafePress.

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