TomTom HD Traffic service lands for iPhone app

The TomTom app has been around for the iPhone for a while now offering navigation to wherever it is you need to go. TomTom has announced that its HD Traffic Service is now available on the TomTom App for iPhone. The HD traffic upgrade allows the app to route the driver around heavy traffic and more. The update for HD Traffic is available in version 1.8 of the iPhone app.

The traffic information claims to be the most accurate and captures more traffic jams than ever before to help drivers avoid delays and find the fastest routed. The app is able to track and show traffic on both major highways and secondary roads. The update enables the live traffic, but to get the service you have to make an in-app purchase.

The in-app purchase price for the traffic service is $19.99 and TomTom notes that those already subscribed to TomTom Traffic will get the upgrade at no charge. The app is on the App Store right now. The updates also allows for multiple stops on a single route with up to five stop off points and the update brings new maps as well.