TomTom GPS systems now offer more Simpsons voices

D'oh! Homer isn't the only Simpsons character who can tell you when the next left turn you'll need to make is. TomTom has just landed a new agreement that brings the blue-headed wife Marge, as well as Mr. Burns into the picture. It isn't talked about as much since the novelty wore off, but celebrity voice guidance is one of TomTom's most distinct differentiating factors over the competition. Personally, we pity the fool who doesn't have Mr. T or someone equally as iconic giving them their turn-by-turn, sattlite-assisted directions.

Then again, these vanity voice skins don't come cheap. Each character or celebrity costs $12.95. In addition, if you opt for a custom voice, the GPS will not speak the names of the individual streets. So while the default computerized voice can tell you, "Turn left on 5th Avenue," Marge Simpson only has the ability to tell you to "turn left." Not all TomTom units have the ability to generate spoken street names, though.

So in case you haven't been keeping up to date with all the celebrity GPS news, some of TomTom's other downloadable voice packages include James Bond, Kim Cattrall, KITT from Knight Rider, SpongeBob, a slew of characters from Star Wars, Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Dora the Explorer, Snoop Dogg, Burt Reynolds, and Dennis Hopper. Forget about anything you see on the big screen – that's an all-star cast.

[via Cnet]