TomTom expands Map Share to all navigation devices

There's nothing worse than relying on a GPS unit with incorrect map information, so TomTom has opened up its Map Share community so that around 60 million units can take advantage of daily map changes for free. TomTom say that Map Share was previously restricted to a limited number of devices, but now just about everyone can get in on the action.

Any changes in the immediate area, such as new speed limits, blocked roads, or different street names, can now be modified directly on the device. If the user then chooses to do so, they can send the updates to TomTom and the Map Share community so that everyone reaps the benefits for free.

Major changes such as brand new roads or roundabout placements are logged with TomTom, validated, and added to maps on a quarterly basis. The collaborative approach to creating the maps apparently helps TomTom to create "maps [that] accurately reflect reality."

Want a preview of Map Share? Take a peek at the video below to get a better idea of what it's all about.