TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto joins growing list of alternative apps

Although Android Auto supported a number of Android apps that were designed for safe hands-free use for driving, that was true only for those that didn't have anything to do with navigation. It was only a few months ago when Google finally opened the doors to third-party navigation, parking, and charging apps and some big names in that market have started to set up shop, like TomTom's Waze-like AmiGO app, no available on Android Auto.

Of course, Android Auto has long had Google Maps and Google-owned Waze even. But while these are big names in Google-land, some automobile owners and drivers might be more familiar with brands like TomTom or Garmin. Google says that Android is all about choice and, at long last, its automobile incarnation finally gives users that option to opt out of Google's apps and use a different one.

TomTom AmiGO might actually be familiar for those used to the ways of Waze. In addition to the basics of navigation and routing, the app also has alerts for speed cameras, blocked roads, and the like. Additionally, drivers themselves can report road conditions, allowing other users to be notified of incidents in real-time.

With TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto, users can "project" the mobile app to their car's head unit in a more driving-safe interface. The app free and, more importantly, ad-free so that users' experiences aren't interrupted unnecessarily, a safety hazard when driving.

While the arrival of TomTom AmiGO expands Android Auto's selection of third-party alternatives, it also expands TomTom's reach across the various automotive and mobile platforms. Long available on iOS, TomTom was recently chosen as Huawei's partner to provide mapping and navigation data for its own Petal Maps alternative to Google.