Tokyoflash Waku watch: almost subtle

We're used to Tokyoflash watches being huge slabs of blinking stainless steel, and attempting to transplant a little of the Japanese skyline onto our wrist.  That's why this new Waku watch from the company is such a surprise – almost subtle, even – with its minimal metal and neat punctured-leather finish.

As with other Tokyoflash products, telling the time is never going to be as easy as looking at a digital display or a set of hands.  With the Waku, hours are shown first, one LED indicating each hour 1-12. Groups of 15 minutes are next, with three LEDs indicating 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour. Finally, single minutes are presented, with fourteen LEDs indicating minutes 1-14.

The Tokyoflash Waku watch is available now, priced at 11,900 Japanese yen ($130) including five day worldwide shipping. Seven versions are available, made up of a combination of brown fur, brown leather or black leather straps, and either a gold frame with multicolored LEDs, silver frame with while LEDs, or a silver frame with blue LEDs. Since I know you read SlashGear for my sartorial advice, I'd say go for the black leather and blue lighting, or the brown leather and white lighting.