Tokyoflash Traffic watch actually has some numbers

Chris Davies - Aug 3, 2010
Tokyoflash Traffic watch actually has some numbers

Tokyoflash‘s latest attempt to bamboozle our wrists is out, and the Traffic does at least have numbers from which you can attempt to decipher the time.  Like Frogger meets Tron, the watch has a smoked black plastic front with neon LED lights that show hours with the “city streets”, five-minute blocks with the “subway” and single minutes with the “highway out of town”.

The watch recharges via USB and a single juicing is good for a month; we’re also pleased to see that Tokyoflash have outfitted the Traffic with a replaceable battery, so the watch won’t be useless when the battery gives up the ghost.  As with other Tokyoflash products, there’s an animation mode for when you’re less interested in telling the time and more in catching curious glances.

The Tokyoflash Traffic is available now in limited numbers, priced at $169.73 including shipping.

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