TokyoFlash Tibida not for the faint of heart, but for those 10 types of people

James Allan Brady - Jan 23, 2008

Please excuse my cheesy little binary joke, but this watch will work with both types of people, those that can read binary and those that can’t as the 42-LED array is arranged in such a way that you can choose to tell time in binary or other methods. Those other methods include hour centric or minute centric, basically the watch will print out the number of the minute or the hour kind of like your old high school’s score board.

There are 4 styles, 3 of them have stainless steel casings, the other has a black metal casing. The 3 with stainless steel cases have your choice of red, blue, or black faces and then the one with the black case has an orange face.

All of the watches have a pure polyurethane band, and , as I said before, 42 bright, white LEDs. You can get yourself one now for $122, and through February 5th there is free 5-day international shipping.


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