Tokyoflash outs Kisai RPM watch

You only need to read the name Tokyoflash to know that we are going to be talking about a watch that is nearly impossible to read. The latest watch from the company is really cool, but hard to read. The thing is called the Kisai RPM watch and it has a black stainless steel strap and face.

The LED lights around the face that tell the time are blue and the thing looks very complex. The inner circle of lights is the hours. The outer circle of lights with the large segments are the minutes in groups of five.

The five little dashes at the top of the watch in the 12 o'clock position are for individual minutes. Taken altogether the thing gives you the exact time in a complex style sure to blow the minds of your pals. The watch isn't cheap with a MSRP of $208.42, but the thing is cool. Check out the video below.