Tokyoflash Fire watch: more LED confusion

Esoteric watch manufacturer Tokyoflash have announced their latest bizarre timepiece, Fire.  Looking a little like a wrist-mounted nutmeg grater, Fire continues Tokyoflash's tradition of demanding wearers decipher combinations of LEDs in order to figure out if it's lunchtime.

The central body of Fire is stainless steel, with the holes machine drilled into its polished surface.  Around that is a plastic cladding, with an easy-open buckle and adjustable strap. Each hole, with two LEDs beneath the surface represents one unit of time. Yellow LEDs indicate the hours 1-12, red LEDs indicate groups of 10 minutes and green LEDs indicate single minutes 1-9. Perhaps next time Tokyoflash will offer a partner-watch with integrated calculator, to speed up the adding process.

If your mental arithmetic is better than mine, you can pick up Fire from Tokyoflash now. It's initially priced at 12,900 Yen ($130) with free worldwide delivery.