Tokyoflash Changing Lanes Digital Watch is Powered by USB, Still Confusing

Evan Selleck - Jun 8, 2010
Tokyoflash Changing Lanes Digital Watch is Powered by USB, Still Confusing

Tokyoflash is one of those companies that we love to talk about, simply because they keep our technology world, which could become cold, bland, and stale in a matter of moments without creative companies, fresh and new. Their digital watches are pretty much legendary around here, and we’re happy to bring you another one of their “crazy” inventions. Meet the Changing Lanes digital. And yes, we’re still staring at it, too.

One of the best things about a Tokyoflash creation, is the more you stare at it, the more you think you know how to actually “tell time.” Of course, the only way you’ll really know for sure is to get one of your own, and then you can show it off to everyone you know, proclaiming that you can tell them what time it is by watching your phone’s digital display change lanes. Hours and minutes are displayed on the face of the watch by crisscrossing and intersecting lines, with the hours displayed “on the left,” and the minutes displayed “on the right.” Keep in mind that each bar corresponds to an hour, or minute, so it’s really not as easy as it looks (that’s our sarcasm for the day).

The watch features a stainless steel body, as well as a stainless steel strap. It’s powered by a USB cable, so you can keep it charged day-to-day. It’s also water resistant, not that we think you’d want to get close to water with this thing on your wrist. It’s on sale right now at Tokyoflash’s website, and it will only cost you a cool $169.73. So, think it’s worth it to be the most original watch owner on the block? Or maybe even your whole city?

[via Tokyoflash]

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