Tokyo police have a drone to fight rogue drones

There are many reason why a nefarious sorts might want to put their own drone into the air. They could use it for keeping an eye on where the police are or perhaps even fit the drone with a weapon of its own to wreak havoc among pedestrians or office workers. To help combat this potential foe police in Tokyo have formed an anti-drone squad.

This drone squad is tasked with fighting these rogue drones in the air. The police drone doesn't have missiles or anything like that to take out the rogue drones. Instead, it will use a simple net that will be used to scoop the rogue drone from the sky and put it safely back on the ground.

This is serious business for the police as they found a drone filled with radioactive material on the roof of the Japanese prime minister's residence in April. The drone the Tokyo police are using is believed to be a DJI Spreading Wings 900 with a big net underneath.

The police plan to put ten of these drones into service to guard important government buildings by February of next year. This is a rather simple way to deal with bothersome drones that are harassing government buildings and workers.

SOURCE: Engadget