Tokyo Flash launches Kisai Round Trip pocket watch

Shane McGlaun - May 18, 2010
Tokyo Flash launches Kisai Round Trip pocket watch

Every time I hear the name Tokyoflash I automatically think about watches that you need an instruction book to tell time on. The latest offering from the company is the Kisai Round Trip Pocket watch and its case design reminds me a bit of the Kisai Escape C Bluetooth pendant we talked about back in February.

The new Round Trip Pocket Watch is designed to be worn on a chain like an old school pocket watch or a key ring. When attached to a key ring you can put it on things like your backpack or belt loop too. The watch charges from the USB port of your computer and has an array of LEDs that shows the time and only display when a button is pressed.

The inner orange ring shows the hours with each segment in the position that a number on a traditional watch would be. The Blue LEDs on the outer ring shows the minutes in groups of three in the same position as a normal clock face. The green LEDs show two single minutes at the bottom of the watch. I get the orange LEDs, the rest of the set up confuses me. You can pick yours up with a silver case for $72.97.

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