Token Multitouch Pedestal Shoves DJing Into the Future [Video]

Evan Selleck - Aug 6, 2010

DJs all around the world are still doing their thing, any way that they can. And that usually means mixers they can physically touch. But obviously they need to get ready for the future just like everyone else, and what’s more futuristic than a touchscreen? A multitouch touchscreen, no less. Well, that’s exactly what the Token multitouch pedestal is, and it’s amazing.

All of the details about how designer Rodrigo (who lives in Chile) got this to work are scarce at this point, but for now we know that it’s built around a rear-projector. Other than that, we don’t know how he’s doing it. From what we can tell, that’s just a clear sheet of glass, and it’s showcasing the fact that it can beam out video that will respond to the touch of a finger.

The video below is worth all of the text above, we assure you. And, if you find any pleasure in being a DJ, then you should be pretty ecstatic that this is what your art is going to turn into, some day. Then again, we could go into an alternate reality, and this is what you may get.


[via Engadget]

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