Todoist unveils AI-powered Smart Schedule feature

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 16, 2016, 4:22 pm CDT
Todoist unveils AI-powered Smart Schedule feature

Todoist, the app that makes it easy to keep track of the things you haven’t done yet, has announced a new feature called Smart Schedule. This feature is powered by artificial intelligence, according to Todoist, and aims to help users better schedule their tasks for an increased completion rate. Says the company, more than 70-percent of its users have overdue tasks — with smart scheduling, they can have those tasks intelligently rescheduled all at once.

The Smart Schedule feature learns things about you to better schedule your tasks, hopefully making it easier to work them all into your days and weeks. For example, Todoist will learn your habits like when you most commonly finish reading your email, and it’ll schedule tasks based on these habits. As well, the AI uses anonymized data from Todoist users to understand how urgent any given task is and schedule it accordingly.

When you add work to Todoist, Smart Schedule will understand to schedule it for completion during the work week rather than the weekend. Other things are best left for the weekend, though, and this AI feature understands that. Balance is also taken into consideration so that new tasks aren’t scheduled for days where your schedule is packed full.

Smart Schedule will also suggest due dates for you based on the goals you’ve set for yourself. This is just some of the new feature’s offerings, though, and of course you can adjust things yourself and discard the Smart Schedule’s choices when they don’t suit you. As with most AI features, it’ll get smarter over time, so keep using the app to help it learn.

SOURCE: Todoist Blog

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