Today's free Epic Games Store title puts you in charge of an island nation

The free Epic Games Store title has rotated once again, and those who are familiar with the leaks likely already know what today's new game is. Fans of city building and management games will definitely want to check this one out, as the game up for grabs now is Tropico 5. It'll be available for the next day, rotating out for yet another free game tomorrow at 11 AM EST.

As a reminder, this is a promotion that Epic Games is running as part of its holiday sale. While the Epic Games Store typically offers a new free game every week, it'll be offering a new free game every day until December 31st. Tropico 5 is the seventh free title Epic has offered so far, with 8 more on the docket before this entire promotion ends.

As you've likely already heard, a number of leaks regarding this promotion have listed all sorts of potential free games, but there's been one leak in particular that's been right about every free game so far. That streak continues with Tropico 5 today, so it's certainly safe to assume at this point that the rest of the list is accurate as well. The question now is whether or not Epic will toss us a curveball just to keep everyone on their toes.

In any case, this weekly (for the moment daily) free games promotion wasn't even supposed to be happening this year. Epic originally planned to end the free game giveaways when 2019 ended, but then decided to keep giving games away through 2020. Good thing too, because those free games have no doubt been appreciated by some who found themselves with a lot of time on their hands because of the pandemic.

Whether or not Epic will keep giving away free games in 2021 is unknown, but for now, perhaps we should count on these daily promos as something of a last hurrah? Time will tell, but regardless, be sure to grab Tropico 5 from the Epic Games Store before it rotates out tomorrow morning.