Today France gets the iPhone, officially

James Allan Brady - Nov 28, 2007
Today France gets the iPhone, officially

Today, in the evening, in France, 12 different stores will be selling the iPhone on Orange’s behalf, actually I am pretty sure they are all Orange stores, but you get the idea. The pompous Didier Lombard thinks that he can sell 100k iPhones in France alone by the end of the year.

France is the second country to get an Apple unlocked iPhone, once again, because the law says they have to offer it. The unlocked handset is about $965.32 in France, and about $1485.91 in Germany (the first country to get an unlocked iPhone. The locked phones will be selling for about $593, a considerable premium over what they are selling for here.

Here the iPhone is $399, and in the UK its about $556, so it seems like the English speaking countries get the better deal. Regardless, if you are in France, and want an iPhone, the doors open 6:30 your time, be there, or save your money and get a cheaper phone.

Apple’s iPhone hits French stores [via yahoo news]

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