Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker aims at broader use

We have talked about the eye tracking technology developed by Tobii in the past. Previously, the company has shown off technology that can add tracking to your monitor and an arcade game that used its eye tracking technology. The tech was even crammed inside a notebook at CeBIT 2011. At CeBIT 2012, the company showed off a new improved version of its eye tracking technology called IS-2 Eye Tracker Module.

The new eye tracker module is designed to be more responsive and to fit into a wider range of hardware, including gaming machines. The new sensor uses a pair of infrared protectors to illuminate the pupils of the user's eyes along with small cameras to record the pupil position as the eyes move. That data is then shot to an onboard processor that handles all that data and relates the position of the user's eyes, pupil size, and gaze position to control the action on-screen.

ZDNet spent some time using a demo model at CeBIT 2012 and found it was very easy to use and says it worked well. I find this technology very interesting; it would be great to have accurate and fast eye tracking rather than a mouse or a game controller. I wonder whether this sort of technology will eventually replace gaming devices such as the Kinect.

[via ZDNet]