Toastie Knife will melt your butter and your heart

Here's an age-old problem: you take your butter out of the fridge, attempt to cut it and spread it over your toast, but it's just too hard. The result is either mangled toast or an inconsistent spread. What's a tired and hungry blogger to do? Warburtons has the answer. The company has come up with the idea of a heated butter knife: pressing a button on the handle will heat the blade to 41.8C, apparently the perfect temperature to melt butter.

Once you activate the heating mechanism, it'll be ready to go in around 30 seconds. When you've managed to scoop up the necessary amount of butter, Warburtons recommends you evenly spread the substance by starting in the middle of your toast and heading towards the edges. You'll be wanting to do that at an angle of 24.5 degrees, by the way.

The knife is powered by two AA batteries found in the handle, with the heating elements positioned at the tip of the blade "for optimum spreading technique." Alas, there's no word on if this will be a product that will actually make it to market, or how much it will cost, as it exists only as a prototype right now. We're sure if enough people starting throwing money at their screens Warburtons will find a way to bring it to market.

[via The Guardian]