TN Games announces 3RD Space Trigger for consoles

One of the coolest and geekiest things I have ever tried at CES was back in 2007 and it was called the 3RD Space vest by TN Games. The thing looks like one of the tactical vests that a solider would wear. The difference is that the 3RD Space vest is filled with air bladders that puff to simulate bullet impacts.

The first vest we saw was only for the PC and had limited compatibility with games. At E3 TN Games has announced that it is offering the 3RD Space Trigger. This device allows the 3RD Space Vest to be used with game consoles to create a physical 3D gaming experience.

Bringing the vest to console gamers requires three parts, the trigger, a software driver, and the vest itself. The trigger can communicate wirelessly of via USB with the vest. The vest can now work with both the PC and game consoles. The Console Kit with the vest and a Trigger is available for $189 and the vest alone is $139.