TN Games 3rd Space vest

Who would have ever thought advancements in the medical industry would lead to a really cool new gaming peripheral? Regardless, Mark Ombrellaro has converted this vest, initially made for medical investigation from a remote location, into a gaming peripheral that offers even more sensory feedback.

There are eight "zones" on the vest, each of which can use air pressure to simulate a hit, shot, or other contact with your character. Its apparently so precise it can even simulate fingers tapping.

It will cost you $189 (or for a limited time, $169.99 on pre-order) this November when it goes on sale, and will come with two games, a custom made 3rd Space Incursion and a special version of Call of Duty II. Furthermore, there will be patches for Quake 3 and 4 and Doom 3, there is also an SDK so other developers can work use for this technology into their games as well. They are also working on another version already they will simulate the G-Forces for racing and flight games.

Force feedback gaming vest lets you feel real impact [via technabob]