Tmsuk T-34 net-firing cellphone controlled security robot [Video]

When the robots come for you, first they try nets and then it's the lasers.  Thankfully the Tmsuk T-34 only comes equipped with the former – at least for the moment – being in effect a remote-controlled car with an integrated net launcher.  Designed by a Japanese robotics company in conjunction with a security firm, the Tmsuk T-34 is operated via a cellphone with live video feedback.Video demo of the net-firing T-34 robot after the cut

As well as the video camera, there are also microphones and body heat sensors.  The T-34 can travel at up to 10kph, tracking intruders, felons and general perverts, upon which time it can fire a net at them and bring them to the ground.  After that, well, you'll probably need a standard, human security guard (or a scary dog) to bundle them into the nearest police car.

Businesses will be able to pick up the Tmsuk T-34 in around two years time, when it's expected to cost around $9,000.  Meanwhile the company is also apparently developing a home security version; think Rovio but angrier.

[via BotJunkie; video via Impress]