Tmouse deformable mouse gives you two gripping styles

The mouse has been around for many years now and normally when we are talking about a new mouse, it's basically the same design we always see with similar shape and button placement. A mouse has turned up on Kickstarter called Tmouse that is termed a deformable mouse that gives two grip methods allowing the user to choose what is most comfortable.

The mouse has a sliding portion on the front that has the standard mouse click buttons and scroll wheel. That slider portion can be moved back and covered with a palm rest and then two buttons are located on a mostly vertical surface directly in front of the palm rest.

This allows the user to curl their fingers around the palm rest and click the right and left buttons in a potentially more comfortable position. In front of the two buttons is a DPI button and scroll wheel that isn't a wheel but a touch sensitive area. You can click that scroll area as a middle button as well. On the left side of the mouse are buttons for forward and backward navigation on web pages. The mouse also claims to be good for gaming with max resolution of up to 3600dpi for the wired version and 2400dpi for wireless.

The people behind the Tmouse think that the new mousing position might help to relive stress injuries associated with making the same movements day in and out. Tmouse is on Kickstarter seeking $10,000 and has raised almost $7,000 with 44 days to go. A pledge of $49 or more will get you a wired or wireless Tmouse with shipping in August 2016. For $64, you can have your name engraved on the mouse. A wireless Bluetooth version is available for an additional $2.

SOURCE: Kickstartr