T-Mobile now supports iPhone eSIM for 30 days Test Drive Program

T-Mobile wants to grow its network in the wake of its merger with Sprint. The company is looking to add new customers by taking them from other network providers. One way it plans to lure new iPhone users to its network is to allow iPhone users to try the T-Mobile network for free.

Recently, T-Mobile announced that it would be using eSIM technology to allow iPhone users currently on other networks to use their existing phone and try the T-Mobile network by downloading an app. The app leverages the eSIM functionality in newer iPhones and could hint at a future where switching networks required no more than the download of an app.

eSIM technology has more promise than merely making switching networks easy. It could also create a service where the device can automatically choose which profile to use in a given situation. That would mean if you're in an area where one network works better than another, the phone could automatically switch. That would be a big benefit in areas where no single network has ideal coverage.

eSIM technology might also enable the creation of new wireless carriers. One example is Charter, company CEO Tom Rutledge said in 2019 that the company would look to broaden its mobile capability. He specifically called out the availability of multiple SIM technology and both unlicensed and potentially licensed spectrum for the expansion.

T-Mobile says that the free test drive for iPhone users with devices supporting eSIM tech is a pilot program. Switching carriers is a bit of a chore, and there are certainly many people on various mobile networks that would gladly leave if changing carriers was easier. It's unclear at this time how long the free test drive for iPhone users lasts.