TMNT trailer teases origin story, offers glimpse of tiny turtles

Before transforming into mutant ninjas, the TMNT foursome were simple tiny turtles. How that transformation will take place in the upcoming film has been a big question mark, with speculation (and worries) aplenty over what origin story the movie will present. We get a glimpse of this with the latest trailer, but don't expect too many details.

The trailer is only 30 seconds long, but it offers some brief new looks at the movie, kicking off with the monologue, "We were created as weapons. We knew the world would never accept us, but one day it would need us." The rest of the dialogue are scene snippets we've heard before.

What is unique are the few scene flashes presented in the first six or so seconds of the trailer (as we said, don't expect many details). We see a medical-looking apparatus, as well as some tubes with characteristic green ooze running through them. Given the commentary, their creation was no accident.

At the end of it all is a wee little turtle standing on its rear legs; with the presence of a finger, it promptly rams into the glass case, cracking it. From there, we see a brief glimpse of a young turtle learning his ninja skills, followed by their present-day selves in scenes already revealed in past trailers.

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