TiVo Premiere software update live for all

Those of you out there in the TiVo universe can now grab an update that'll bring you some TiVo Premiere DVR advanced action, it's newest software update now beyond the beta stage and headed out to all peoples across the nation. This update will allow you DVR users to get a guide in "true" HD, first of all, then will also give you a brand new pop-up mini-guide, and much, much more! Joy for all, you'll have the best directions ever!

This update will bring you improved information banners so you'll know even more about the things you should be paying attention to instead of reading, and you'll now get multi-room streaming on top of it all. This is for you rich folks with your TiVo boxes in multiple rooms, of course. This feature was not available for early adopters, but like the rest of the updates, is available for all users now.

You'll be getting additional updates this spring including a fully refreshed set of apps for YouTube and Netflix, not to mention Parental Controls in your HD menus! The update you're dealing with right now goes by the code-name 20.2, and if you're wise, you'll be able to wait for it to come down on you in due time, hopefully sometime across the weekend hours. Otherwise you can be crafty and try to force the update with TiVo mind magic. Stay safe, folks, just wait for it!

[via TiVo]