TiVo Premiere Getting Multi-Room Streaming

TiVo is one of the most popular DVR options for consumers, and it's about to make its viewing experience even more convenient. The TiVo Premiere DVR set-top box connects directly to your cable service, replacing your cable box. And not only can it record TV shows to its HDD for viewing later, it also adds on-demand video and other web entertainment to your TV. But one feature it lacked was a more streamlined way of transferring recorded content to other TiVos in your house.

Previously, in order to play a TV show recorded from another TiVo set-top box in your house, you had to copy and transfer the file before you could watch it on the second TV. With the TiVo Premiere set-top box and the latest software update, you will no longer need to do this. Instead of transferring to watch, you can now stream the content from one TiVo to another.

The original method of copying and transferring made sense when home networks were much slower. Now, as more and more content are getting streamed, it seems like a logical step for TiVo. And although no official announcements were made for the new streaming capability, some folks in the TiVo forum have indicated that the feature is already turned on. However, reviews on the performance are mixed, which could still require more tweaking, hence no official announcement.

[via Electronista]