TiVo app for Android tablets in pipeline

TiVo is working on a version of its new Android remote control and scheduling app for larger tablets, the existing title being suited to smartphones and sub-7-inch devices. News of the second version was apparently confirmed in a comment on the company's blog, with the tablet support said to be "coming soon."

Exactly what the tablet version will do differently has not been explained, though at the very least a UI better suited to larger-screen devices seems likely. The current app shows either the remote control for a TiVo box or a schedule guide on-screen at any one time; a tablet could easily accommodate both simultaneously.

There's also social networking integration in the existing software, allowing viewers to post to Twitter or Facebook about what show they're watching. With more screen real-estate to hand, a stream of Facebook and/or Twitter updates relevant to the show could be included as well.

You can download the current app here though you'll need a TiVo Premiere DVR to take advantage of certain features.

[via Dave Zatz]