Titanfall update: online-only put to the test as CTF returns

The folks at Respawn entertainment are being tested by fans of their first massive title Titanfall. As an online-only, multiplayer-only release, this game was going to see some hurdles as it was released in such a unique fashion. One very recent way in which Titanfall has been tested is in the release, retraction, and re-release of the game mode Capture the Flag.

This week's most recent update – before you flip out, read – has brought Capture The Flag back to the standard PC game. Titans can no longer carry flags, which is fair, but upon finding that "less than 1% of the player base was even trying to play CTF", Respawn Entertainment decided to take the mode out entirely.

If players can't be matched up with other players to play a certain game mode, generally there's some sort of major error going on. Servers might be down – there might be some sort of block.

In this case, it's simply a matter of not enough people playing a certain mode of the game.

Instead of simply using a "server browser" like many other multiplayer games, Titanfall uses their own brand of Matchmaking. Respawn Entertainment uses Microsoft's Azure server technology to keep games both served up and solid.

Because their main goal is to create a solidly connected and balanced game for the people who play it, Respawn Entertainment are making big efforts to explore new options and modified options for Matchmaking. Capture The Flag is back, and it's being watched specifically closely – jump in and see how it goes!

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