Titanfall monsters incoming: you’ll not just be fighting bots and humans

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 18, 2014
Titanfall monsters incoming: you’ll not just be fighting bots and humans

If you found the Titanfall Beta exciting, the full game promises to take everything up an extra notch, at least according to The Art of Titanfall book that is slated to launch next Tuesday. The folks over at IGN got their hands on the book ahead of it hitting shelves, and inside it is revealed the game will have, among other things, monsters.

The book is set to be released on February 25, and in it there is a collection of both information about Titanfall and an array of beautiful artwork, such as the dragon-like creature in the image above. There are details about maps, weapons, and the various creatures, some of which will attack players for merely looking at them, and others that will leave well enough alone until provoked.

There’s the Planet Leviathan set in the Badlands system, and in this there’s Boneyard specifically, where the monsters lie. These monsters, apparently called Leviathans, will both fly and walk around in the game, with some attacking with little instigation, and others ignoring the happenings “until people interfere”.

You can see the artwork and the complete details for yourself in the video above, but other tidbits include some revealed weapons, among them being the Arc Cannon, a short-range and high-damage weapon, details about a planet called Demeter, and artwork for various maps.


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